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1 Chow Ling 385
2 Andrew Veiga 245
3 Ronald Doire 205
4 Brian Rodriguez 195
5 Gayla "Focker" Farmer 190
6 Ron "Mr. Harley D" Geary 190
Eastern Mass
Southern Mass

Seasonal Points Tourney #21 Winners

Congrats to our Seasonal Points Tourney #21 Winners... OVER $5,000 in Cash and Prizes was given out! Congrats to Dawn Dube, Tom Souza, Hyon Kim, Lee Jubinville, Ron DeCosta, Charles Silva, Jason Lanosa, Frank Bethany and Tony Rinaldi.

Top 40 $2,000 Monthly FREE ROLL Winners!

Congrats to June's Top 40 $2,000 Monthly Free Roll Tourney Winners: Jerry Gadsden, Chow Ling, John Diniz and Don Johnson

TOA 2015 Winner

A Big congratulations to Robert Helgran for being our 2015 Tournament of Aces Winner! Robert just won the Seat to the World Series of Poker out in Vegas $10,000 buy-in, air fair and hotel stay, all paid for by Aces Up!
Top 40 Monthly $2,000 Free Roll
T.O.A 2015 Winner.
Sunday, Final Table of T.O.A 2015
Top 5 Winner!
Top 40 $2,000 Monthly FREE ROLL Winners!